Hi, my name is Jamil

Want to build a scalable growth engine that turns $1 in marketing spend into +$40? I build sales funnels that do just that.

About Jamil


Jamil is known as one of the most sought-after sales funnel architects. He is famous for creating wildly profitable lead generation funnels that show positive ROI within months, not years.

Jamil started out in marketing architecting and running campaigns for an agency. Eventually, taking the reins and then transitioning into the world of startups and SaaS businesses.

He’s lead growth teams at a number of tech companies around the world and has advised dozens upon dozens of others, helping them with everything from business model optimization to growth strategy.

He’s written an Amazon bestseller, The Growth Playbook, has appeared on numerous podcasts, webinars with audiences in the thousands as a guest expert and has spoken at numerous events teaching marketers how to amp up their game to become a top 5% marketer.

Recently he was given the prestigious Conversion Club award from Proof for running a marketing campaign that converts in the top 1% of converting sites on Earth.


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What People Are Saying About Jamil

Jamil is one of the few true authorities on creating and executing high-impact content strategies. He was able to create a comprehensive 90 day content strategy for us from scratch – and the level of detail and creativity blew me away.

Ryan Gum

Jamil is incredible. His no-BS approach toward getting you results (which he’s demonstrated himself plenty capable of!) breaks down super-complicated marketing problems into straightforward solutions that you could explain to your grandmother. His motor never stops. If you have to fly 3000 miles just to speak to this man, do it.


Chris Justin
CJ Digital Marketing

What Jamil Specializes In

Sales Funnels

Using sales funnels Jamil helps you take your leads through the most ideal experience into becoming customers. One that is highly scalable and optimized to qualify your most ideal customers. Jamil has personally built over 85 sales funnels over the last two years ranging from simple webinar funnels to highly complex behavioral dynamic response marketing funnels that generate a 3 – 4x industry standard ROI.

Customer Acquisition

Jamil’s long standing speciality is customer acquisition. With certifications in Google, Bing and Facebook’s ad platforms as well as over $500,000 in ad spend managed over the last two years – Jamil is one of the go-to experts in customer acquisition for tech companies and entrepreneurs looking to scale their customer bases rapidly.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the lifeblood of any company that wants to scale with a foundation of sustainable traffic. Using the most advanced SEO driven content marketing strategies, Jamil can help you scale your organic reach rapidly to acquire better qualified leads that turn into customers even faster. Over the last two years he’s created 90 day content marketing strategies for over 45 tech companies and has personally run 12 rapid scale content marketing campaigns that have taken companies from zero organic leads into thousands of organic leads per month.

Growth Strategy

Jamil has headed growth at a number of high growth tech companies around the world. Using that experience and knowledge of building high conversion on boarding and referrals flows, he can help you get your customer growth strategy in place.

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Jamil Velji is an expert in high-impact growth marketing. Since 2009, Jamil has helped businesses expand and improve their marketing in the digital world. As a keynote speaker, he uses his knowledge of growth marketing and growth hacking to teach small businesses and enterprise companies how to achieve better growth at a higher profit margin. In the process they also learn how to handle their customers in a better way.

Presenting data backed, actionable strategy with an engaging personality, Jamil Velji presents content so compelling that people make use of the information below they leave the room.

Topics Jamil Covers:

  • Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy
  • Lead Generation & Leveraging Direct Response Marketing
  • Marketing Automation & The Art Of Squeezing Money Out Of Dead Leads

Jamil can present on any topic relating to optimizing marketing and advertising, marketing strategies in the B2B as well as B2C space and much more.

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I like to work with startups who solve real issues by providing effective “pain killers” or even “pain eliminators”. As such, I can work with you one-on-one to get your product into the hands of your prospective customers and help you build your evergreen growth engine to take you from “zero to one”.

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