Hi, I’m Jamil

Growth Marketer, Investor and M&A advisor for small to medium sized businesses, actively seeking to invest in, merge and grow companies with annually adjusted net profit of $500k – $10m.

About Jamil

Jamil is a growth marketer, investor, M&A advisor and turnaround specialist for SMBs.


Jamil is also one of the most sought after growth engine architects in the world. He’s most known for his wildly profitable growth engines in the spaces of SaaS, financial services and home services.


Jamil started out in marketing with humble beginnings working the trenches at a small business marketing agency. From there he’s co-founded and grown dozens of companies from $0 to hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in sales.


He’s written an Amazon bestseller, has appeared on numerous podcasts, held webinars with audiences in the thousands as a guest expert and has spoken at numerous events teaching marketers how to amp up their game to become a top 1% marketer.


In 2018 he was given the prestigious Conversion Club award from Proof for running a marketing campaign that converts in the top 1% of converting sites on Earth.

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