Do you Twitter?

Today we’re going to look at Twitter. Now there’s a bunch of cool things you can do with Twitter to automate growth, but today let’s focus on the Twitter bio.

Most people keep a short and to the point pitch for themselves in their Twitter bio, which makes sense, but it’s not really effective. Driving traffic towards the URL in your bio is all you are capitalizing on with a standard bio.

Twitter allows you to leverage the @TwitterID syntax in your bio, which means that anyone who checks out your bio, can then by directed to your startup, side project, business partner, etc.

A great example of this is in Neil Patel’s Twitter bio seen below:

Now in Neil’s Twitter bio he links to 2 of his companies, KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg, as well as his business partner.

By doing this he’s able to leave his URL link for his lead generation blog, QuickSprout, while also being able to drive traffic to his 2 companies.

You can take this a step further if you have a short bio by using a second URL in your bio to drive traffic to multiple sites directly. Here’s my Twitter bio as an example:

It’s a simple but useful Growth Hack and it becomes more effective as you grow your following.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear how your Twitter hacking goes. Post a reply in the comments and tell me how it went!


Jamil started out in marketing, running campaigns for an agency and then transitioning into the world of startups and SaaS businesses. Jamil has lead growth teams at a number of startups across the globe and advised many others, helping them with their growth strategy. Since then he's become an entrepreneur that uncovers hidden pains for employees, founders and small to enterprise businesses to solve problems and alleviate their pain. Jamil also specializes in providing businesses with highly effective, automated sales funnels that increase conversions, optimize revenue and take their business to the next level.

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