Drip is always better, in coffee and in email

I’m ending your first 7 days off with something a bit bigger and more complex than the Growth Hacks I’ve talked about so far.

The Drip Email is a first step into the idea of a funnel. Now every business operates with a funnel, whether they know it or not.

An great example is Netflix. You can view their on-boarding teardown here. Now this tear down is specific just to the funnel of on-boarding a user. There are many more types of funnels depending on the size of your business, the role you play and so on.

I’m going to keep things simple for now and apply the Drip Email to the on-boarding funnel.

When a user signs up for your service, you likely send some type of welcome messaging with their login information or maybe even a personal welcome email. But when a user signs up you need to begin thinking about the journey that user must take to either convert to a paying user, be up sold to generate more revenue or achieve whatever high end goal you have.

At this stage I highly recommend you all read about using the OMTM method of operating, OMTM means “One Metric That Matters. The basic concept is that you should focus on one single metrics to determine the journey of your own business and surround efforts around improving that metric.

Back to the on-boarding Drip Email!

Rather than keep this all in theory, I’ll use an example with emails already public. BareMetrics posted their on-boarding emails not too long ago and I really like the way they display themselves to their users so I’m going to walk you through this.

At the start of the funnel and Drip Email campaign, a user signs up for BareMetrics.

Email #1 comes as a welcome email from their founder to tell the user A) their business is appreciated, B) that their data can take some time to import and C) that the founder is always accessible via phone or Skype call.

This email is sent hours after signing up in place of an automated system welcome email.

Email #2 focuses on support and is sent 2 days after the user signs up. The purpose is to send the user towards documentation and articles that can help answer questions the user may have. The usually helps alleviate frustrations.

Email #3 is sent 3 days after a user signs up, with the purpose of getting a user to invite team members (a viral loop of sorts). If you look at the steps to inviting a user on BareMetrics, it’s dead simple. The reason for this is A) less steps are a better user experience and B) a lower barrier action usually get’s actioned upon more.

Email #4 is sent 5 days after a user signs up and it points attention towards a feature that can help in improving a user’s daily experience.

Email #5 – 9 are sent 2 days apart from each other and they are all emails to begin introducing more features to a user over time. BareMetrics is a very fully featured application, which means too much at one time can overload someone. They take care of this problem by introducing the most important features over time to help them get a grip on the application in increments.

Email #10 is a simple wrap up of the on-boarding by asking users if they have any questions and letting them know the lines of communication are open.

BareMetrics does a great job of wrapping up their on-boarding in 2 weeks with all emails being to the point.

If you want to read email 6 – 9 and see the other emails BareMetrics uses for other actions, you can read morehere.

Now that you have an idea of what a Drip Email campaign looks like, I’m sure you are wondering how it can be implemented. BareMetrics used GetDrip and I also have a strong preference to GetDrip as opposed to Intercom or other Drip Email services for those who don’t have a lot of technical expertise (I’m talking API and JavaScript knowledge) and want something a bit simplified to get started.

You can try it free for 3 weeks, but in my experience with it, it’s REALLY good. If it’s your first time implementing a Drip Email campaign, it can be confusing and difficult to wrap your head around putting your user experience in a funnel and mapping it out via emails. If you need help in figuring out your first Drip Email campaign, feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to help!

I hope you enjoyed reading!



P.S. If you need help with Drip Emails or just have questions about anything, just comment!


Jamil started out in marketing, running campaigns for an agency and then transitioning into the world of startups and SaaS businesses. Jamil has lead growth teams at a number of startups across the globe and advised many others, helping them with their growth strategy. Since then he's become an entrepreneur that uncovers hidden pains for employees, founders and small to enterprise businesses to solve problems and alleviate their pain. Jamil also specializes in providing businesses with highly effective, automated sales funnels that increase conversions, optimize revenue and take their business to the next level.

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