Guest post mania!

I hope your ready to start really getting your hands dirty!

While not everyone has a blog, there are still ways to build authority and drive traffic to your product, business or other web properties.

This lovely Growth Hack is the guest post.

A guest post is a blog or article you write and then have published on another website.

Unbounce, the landing page builder, has a great blog that is made up of mostly guest posts. If you are in the digital marketing arena, getting a guest post on Unbounce is a great achievement.

Of course if you are in another arena of knowledge, you can use Google to find sites that are relevant for you and allow guest posts.

The easiest way to do it is to go to Google and search “<your market> + guest blog” or “<your market> + guest post”. In this case “<your market>” would be replaced with a keyword representing your area of focus.

For example, if you were a financial planner, you might search “financial planning guest post”.

Now let’s take it a bit further. After you’ve made a list of 10 – 15 sites that allow guest posts, you’ll want to then see what the potential traffic is to those sites.

There’s no point in spending time to write a guest post if the site only gets seen by a hundred people a month!

To do this, you’ll want to take the domain name and run it through

This will give you a very rough estimate of the number of unique visitors that hit that website monthly. I usually take the number given and shave off 20% to get a bit more accurate.

Now that you have your list of guest posting sites, along with their estimated traffic, you can begin making decisions on which blog to target first.

With guest posts, I always recommend to have a list of at least 5 target sites to start with, because not every site will accept your post. But if the quality is good, you can shop it around from your first choice to your second choice and so on, until you’ve found a home for it.

The requirements of a guest post will vary from blog to blog, and using the search term above you will likely end up on the guest posting requirements page. Make sure to take note of this when writing your post.

As an extra tip, if you want to increase your chances of getting accepted or at least getting feedback on your guest post, build a rapport with the blog’s site or owner on Twitter.

If Unbounce was the example, I would tweet their posts a few times in a week, try to jump in on their Twitter discussions and make some comments on their blogs. This would build some recognition for the blog owner.

Let me know how your guest posting adventures go, I’d love to hear about them and read the posts!


Jamil started out in marketing, running campaigns for an agency and then transitioning into the world of startups and SaaS businesses. Jamil has lead growth teams at a number of startups across the globe and advised many others, helping them with their growth strategy. Since then he's become an entrepreneur that uncovers hidden pains for employees, founders and small to enterprise businesses to solve problems and alleviate their pain. Jamil also specializes in providing businesses with highly effective, automated sales funnels that increase conversions, optimize revenue and take their business to the next level.

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