Why You Should Build Barriers For Your Customers

We’re going to move a bit from the middle/bottom of the funnel with handwritten letters, all the way back to the top of the funnel.

When I say barriers, I don’t mean hurdles to convert or upgrade. I mean barriers that stop or prompt users before they leave your website.

Most marketers call this an exit intent pop-up. Here’s a great example from QuickSprout:

This pop-up appears when a user shows the behaviour of someone that might soon or is about to leave your website.

Some of the more rudimentary exit intent platforms make the pop-up appear when the user’s cursor leaves the window.

The idea of these pop-ups is to make a last ditch effort to engage a user. In the above example, the link leads right into QuickSprout’s website analyzer tool, which does a great job of showing value as well as acquiring a user’s contact info.

The use of this type of tool for Growth Hacking is to push users towards engagement funnels. If a user doesn’t find what they want on your website, or wishes to leave for some reason or another, this is a way of showing them an alternative value.

By showing them value in another form (usually with a drip campaign), you can then build credibility over time to hand that user back off into the normal user funnel.

This can be a highly effective way to increase your conversion rate and reduce the visitor to user churn for your website.

Unfortunately, exit intent platforms and plugins cost money. I have yet to find one that works well for free. But there are multiple options to choose from and when you apply it to a SaaS or ecommerce site you will notice the difference almost immediately.

If you have a direct to revenue product you are having trouble optimizing the conversion process for, here’s a list of a few exit intent platforms that I’ve used:

Bounce Exchange
It’s an amazing platform that has some really solid analysis behind it, but the price puts it on the VERY high end of the spectrum at $3,995/month and up! It’s what power’s QuickSprout’s above exit intent pop-up.

This is a relatively new one, I’ve tested it out and so far it’s had some good results. It’s significantly cheaper that almost anything else I’ve used. It starts at $9/month, but the lack of customization is frustrating.

Optin Monster
Optin Monster is my favorite exit intent platform. It has no monthly fees, plugs right into WordPress, offers lots of customization and the ultimate package offers unlimited website support. I purchased the ultimate package a few months ago and I’ve never looked back.

Once you’ve got yourself setup with a platform to support your exit intent campaign, now you have to figure out what to use as an offer.

I highly recommend ebooks or content based offers. Let’s take Top Hat as an example to work with:

Now they have a product that has a long sales cycle. It requires phone calls and emails to get a user on-board. So to help increase touches, they might want to set their exit intent offer to target users who hit their pricing page and then behave like they will exit.

In their case they have multiple pieces of content they can offer from ebooks to drip courses, but the best thing to do is choose the content piece that is A) the most signed up for and B) has the longest engagement time.

If you have an ebook drip that has 1,000 downloads but only 20 people make it through the email funnel that goes along with it, that is much worse than an ebook that has 300 downloads but 30 people make it through that funnel.

This is starting to get into the realm of complex, so if you need help with figuring out the best way for you to use an exit intent platform, reply and let me know!

I’d be happy to help you figure out the best way to implement an effective exit intent campaign.

Now go and capture some of that exit traffic!


Jamil started out in marketing, running campaigns for an agency and then transitioning into the world of startups and SaaS businesses. Jamil has lead growth teams at a number of startups across the globe and advised many others, helping them with their growth strategy. Since then he's become an entrepreneur that uncovers hidden pains for employees, founders and small to enterprise businesses to solve problems and alleviate their pain. Jamil also specializes in providing businesses with highly effective, automated sales funnels that increase conversions, optimize revenue and take their business to the next level.

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